Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's nice, but when's lunch?

Saw the nun again this morning. She has labored breathing that highly resembles snoring. I thought she was snoring today, but realized today that since her eyes were open while she was making this sound, she was actually just breathing. The MT and I sang some more spiritual music for her, and ended with He's Got the Whole World In His Hands and Amazing Grace. We added everyone's names into He's Got the Whole World as a way of acknowledging those there to visit and facilitate a bonding experience for everyone. I learned today in our team meeting that the pt is only 66 years old... :(

I went to see a pt before our afternoon team meeting who has been sleeping the last couple times we went to see him. Since I arrived at noon, the pts were already gathered in the dining room for lunch. I went over the pts table, set my book down, and began to play. The other 2 men at his table were talking up a storm to me. The one kept objecting to my song choices, while the other continuously demanded his lunch! First, I sang Beautiful Dreamer. The one man objected and said, "No, no, no. Not that one!" I smiled at him, but kept playing. I'm sorry he didn't like the song, but I was there for our hospice pt, who was not objecting to the song. I did spice up the guitar accompaniment a bit for him so it didn't sound so slow and pretty. "No country western!" he demanded. "Keep it Eastern!" I kept thinking Eastern as in Asia, but then I realized he just met the East of the US. So, I asked him where he was from. He told me "the East! We're all from the East!" "All three of you are from the East coast?" I asked. "Yes, yes, yes, we're all from the East coast." I asked him what state he was from, and he told me New York. "New York? That's wonderful! I'm from Pennsylvania!" "Oh, he's from Pennsylvania too." He was referring to my pt. So I asked our pt, "Are you from Pennsylvania?" "Yes, yes," he said. It was the first time I heard him speak. I was so excited. "That's awesome! How come you never told me we're from the same place?! What city are you from?" ---- "Are you from the East or the West?" ----- "The East side of PA, or the West side?" ----- "Near Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia... or in the middle?" ---- I lost him. I was saying way too many words and asking way too many questions. From now on, simple questions, yes or no.

Aside from the talkers at the pt's table (although they were pretty funny!), some of the other pts in the room were singing with me and conversing with me. I wasn't even overtly trying to involve them, but they were drawn to the music on their own :) So thank you to all the other residents there today!

The rest of my day was documenting and meetings. Alright, time to get back to class. Later aldagators! (I miss Jon & Kate plus 8...!)

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