Saturday, March 27, 2010

The observer became the observee

Wow. Okay. I'm a little behind it seems. Time to finally blog about Friday...

In the morning, I went to see our Miss kisser from God. One of our volunteers is a psychology student who was interested in observing MTx first hand after my presentation at the volunteer training session last month. He came on Friday and joined me for our morning session. The pt had recently fallen while trying to use the bathroom on her own, and as the nurse put it, was embarrassed after failing at her attempt at a little independence. Since then, she's been contemplating her purpose in life here on Earth if she's unable to care for even herself and knows she is going to die. Tough stuff to deal with, I think. It seems perfectly rational that someone would feel this way. What is the point? I made sure to explain to her that there's a lot of people who care deeply for her, and that she's around to just be herself and to love and be loved. She told me she was "on the list (to die)". I told her we were all on that list. No one is going to live forever. We're all going to die eventually. I told her that she's just as much alive as we are, and that she should live that way. She's still alive now, and that's all that matters. That's something the MT taught me from the very start. Yes, hospice work is dealing with those who are dying, but our focus is on the fact that they are still very much alive right now, and to not cast aside those last days just because death is known to be imminent.

It was nice having the volunteer there to support me, sing along, clap to the rhythm, etc. I was a bit nervous to have him observe... I'd hate for his only vision of music therapy to be from a product of my own facilitation since I am so new to the field, but hopefully he gained a fair understanding of what it is we do.

Oh, and the patient's boyfriend was able to join us for the session today, which was adorable to have the two both there together. :)

After that, I saw a couple patients at a nursing facility, then saw a new patient who was comatose, and that was about it!

Sorry this blog is hardly apt. Mondays will be better, I promise!

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  1. The Volunteer loved it! Thank you so much for that joint visit! :)