Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunny day ~ sweepin' the clouds away ~ on my way to where the air is sweet!

Scorcher! It broke 90 degrees today!

So today... went to see the nun in the morning. She was super nice to us. We sang Peace Like A River and I tried to sing a praise and worship song I know from back in the day that has the same title as a song she requested, but I couldn't quite remember it all or figure out the chords (total bust) and then I tried to sing another song from that same era in my life (I Surrender) and made up all the chords and just tried to fudge through it. But hey, I don't think she minded much that it wasn't perfect. She asked if we were Catholic, (said it was okay if we weren't! which shocked me...) and gave us some rosary beads. And we were on our way to another marketing in-service.

Wouldn't you know we get an e-mail 3 hours later saying she signed the papers to revoke hospice and seek aggressive treatment for her illness? Thanks for telling us when we were there, discussing our next visit, that you were revoking our services, and there wasn't going to be a next visit! :-P well, so much for that....

But anywho, went to the in-service, got there early, picked up some sandwiches to take with us, met the HCC at the hospital, went in, they gave their spiel on our company and its unique programs, we schmoozed, chatted, they ate, we left, ate our sandwiches in a waiting room, met a nice pt who was just discharged and translated Erin go Braugh for me (Ireland until forever/eternity!) and, on the road yet again...

We went to see a pt this afternnon at a local board and care where there are the husband and wife caretakers. The pt is a little snuggly puppy who just latches on to his wife, lays his head on her shoulder, and usually, smothers her with kisses and affection. But today, he was totally into the whole biting thing, which I didn't want to encourage, but wasn't real sure how to discourage it either. He wasn't hurting her, but he kept trying to bite her arm and put her fist in his mouth. He can answer yes and no questions, but I'm not sure how much he truly understands, and sadly, if the music affects him at all. For some pts, it's obvious to us that the music is beneficial, but for others, we'll probably never know for sure. We sang a lot of songs and talked to his wife, but as for interaction with the pt himself, I don't think we really did all that much unfortunately... but we are there for the pt and family, so at least we could offer some enjoyment, company, and support for his wife (it breaks my heart thinking of a husband or wife having to see their spouse go through hospice...)

And that was our day. Tomorrow and Friday should be interesting... they will be a test to see if I can handle being out on my own! Am I scared? You bet I am! Am I ready? I guess we'll find out :)

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