Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You're just a kid!

Yes, I went back to a nun house this morning. I feel like God is trying to tell me to get me to take a vow of nunhood. Every week it seems I'm back at the nunery. At least today it was a different nun house. They are all so nice though, so don't think that I don't like going to the nun-topias. The case is probably just the opposite. I joke because I care. At any rate, I met our new patient who is not a nun herself (just lives in the nun assisted living home). She's a super sweet 88 year old Bostonian Irishwoman. She said the nicest things to me during our visit, like "Just because my eyes are closed doesn't mean I'm not listening! Cause I am!" and "You're a looker, ya know that!" and "Do you have recordings? Cause you should!" I like this patient. :) Even if she didn't say all that, I still enjoyed seeing her, and was glad to be able to play music for her. She's terribly bored and isolated in her room, and she's too weak to run about the nunery and explore. Of course they had street sweeping on Tuesdays from 8-12 and were trimming trees on that block, so I had to park 20 miles away and dodge tree branches on my walk there. But, meeting the little Bostonian with the 'scawws' on her tummy made it all worth it.

My second stop of the day was to a facility with MTs on their full-time staff. I got there, had the valet park my car, talked to one of the facility's MTs, found the patient's room, was told she was sleeping by the patient herself (honey, if you can verbally tell me that you're sleeping, then you're not sleeping... sorry.) got back in my car, and now, at the office for a afternoon of meetings!

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