Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The again, maybe not

Went to see a new admit yesterday while the MT attended to another actively dying patient (the one who's husband was the drummer for Johnny Cash!) When I arrived, the new patient's daughter and son-in-law were there, as well as her caregiver. The three of them were just the nicest people. The daughter laid in bed next to her mother, who was now comatose and unresponsive. They seemed to really love the music. The daughter kept telling stories about her mother and all the absolutely crazy things she used to do, like strap her feet to airplane wings and do stunts while the plane was moving! It was so nice being with the family, listening to the stories, and just being able to be there for them. One of our nurses came in to see the patient right as I finished, and as soon as I left, I got an email from her asking if I could come back tomorrow to the see patient.

I found out this morning the patient had passed, so I guess I won't be going back to see her this morning.....

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