Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, sorry I've totally been slacking on my blog lately... but here is the happenings of the great wonderful today for you :)

I went to see our little Japanese patient this morning. I took my keyboard and played some piano music for the patient and her daughter, sister, and family friend. Visiting the ladies is always simply lovely. Sadly, today the patient was even less responsive than normal. I can usually get her to smile at me at least 10-15 times during a visit, but today, it was more like 4 or 5. She seemed tired and distracted. Our HHA was just finishing bathing her when I arrived, so maybe she was just tired from that... I told the daughter that maybe we'll try to start visiting in the afternoons instead, since the patient is so tired in the morning. Next time I visit, I will keep trying to work on her making more eye contact and focusing on the session.

Second patient of the day was my Pennsylvanian. He was resting in bed when I arrived. I greeted him, to which he responded, "Oh yeah sure sure..." And that was it. Two minutes later, he was out like a light bulb, fast asleep.

Third patient was a new admit. I did her assessment yesterday, and came back to see her again today like I promised. She used to sing in her church choir, so she really responds to MT and I think it's good for her. Her terminal diagnosis is COPD, but she has bouts where she is disoriented. Yesterday, she beckoned to my reflection in a mirror across the room, telling (me) to come and listen to the music. She then called her daughter over to join as well, even though her daughter wasn't present. She enjoys spiritual music and anything Scottish since she grew up in Scotland.

I guess it's been too long since I've blogged, because they're usually much longer than this... but.. that's all that happened today. Our team meetings got changed to Wednesdays so that's where I am now.

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